When shift hits the fan that's when people change™.  You've heard that change is the only constant in life yet that is the very thing many of us stubbornly resist. Change comes from within and there are no quick fixes. When you are ready to do away with old patterns, attitudes and attachments then you can begin to make the changes your heart has been longing for: a joyous life, happy familial and love relations, positive empowering friendships, plentitude and abundance. Balance in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life can be yours.

Shift Happens is here to aid you in the transition to wholeness. As a light worker and certified Life Activation practitioner, I provide holistic healing services that transform and bring you in touch with your complete self. If you are ready to remove any type of blockage in your life and to be free of the bondage of suffering on any level, Shift Happens is here to humbly serve you.

With Light and Love,




Services Offered:

By appointment only!

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